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The New Jersey Inventors Club

Dedicated to advising members in the proper steps leading to
the development and patent of their ideas and inventions.

      If you have a new idea, and you're unsure what to do next,
we're here to help guide you.

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We meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month at:  
Costa's Restaurant - Roselle Park, NJ

Meetings are Free and Open to the Public

Inventor Networking                  -   6:30 pm - 8 pm
New Member Orientation          -   7 pm
Meeting (usually w/a speaker)  -   Starts Promptly at 8 pm - 9:30 pm

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Speaker for Tuesday - December 10th, 2019

Bart Jackson, CEO of Prometheus Publishing

Inventors: Building Vital Alliances

The inventor is the root of all business who too often remains buried underground. No one needs to be more connected to the widest spectrum of the business community than that talented individual bringing forth a new invention. He/she constantly requires wise counsel and hands-on help in product assessment, customer demand, funding, promotion, turning competitors into collaborators, and an ocean of legalities. And the good news: most of this aid & advice may be gained for free - or darned near.            

Speaker Bart Jackson, CEO of Prometheus Publishing, shares tactics for building beneficial alliances, discovering with whom you should be talking, and the art of meeting them thriftily.


Costa's Restaurant
120 Chestnut Street
Roselle Park, NJ‎  07204 
(908) 241-1131

(Meeting is in a back room of Costa's Restaurant, not in Costa's Pizza Shop)

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Dining is at Your Own Expense. Please Pay at the Bar before you leave.

Purchasing food and a beverage helps to Support our free meeting place.

Thnak you!

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