About Us

The National Society of Inventors was founded in 1976, as a not for profit organization, to serve the needs of inventors in the state of New Jersey and nearby surrounding areas. New Jersey has one of the largest concentration of inventors, compared to its population, and of course we are also in the backyard of the most famous American inventor, Thomas Edison. We are a group of men and women, mostly amateur inventors, that meets monthly to advise and assist other members in the development, patenting, production, and marketing of ones ideas and inventions.

At our monthly meetings, we usually have a speaker give a talk related to inventing, patenting or marketing products. Many of our members hold patents, while there are also many new members just starting out with their first idea. Some of our members have made money off of their inventions, while many have not. However, all share the hope and desire to eventually do so. We charge no fees other than yearly dues, and will try to help you avoid getting burned by firms that are out there to take advantage of inventors. If you have an idea or invention and don't know how to proceed, or are a seasoned inventor, please come to a meeting to see if you might be able to receive or provide some free advice.

Annual dues:

Regular member - $50/yr paid by check only - no cash. Make the check payable to National Society of Inventors and bring to a meeting or mail to the postal mail address shown below.

Professional member (full time selling services to inventors) - $100/yr Provides a personal web page on the site to market your services. Content must be approved by the board.

We are usually looking for meeting speakers. If you have experience with an invention, or are a professional involved in the invention field, please contact the Vice President at the the phone number below or by email from the "CONTACT" tab at the top of the page.

Club Officers:

Stephen Shaw
Phone: (609) 799-4574
Vice President:
Gene Benfatti
Phone: (908) 723-9993
Jim Burrell
Ayana Webb
Richard Alpert

Administrative (Postal Mail only) Contact Address:

National Society of Inventors
c/o Stephen Shaw
8 Eiker Road
Cranbury, NJ 08512