Fighting Patent Legislation

Hello Friends,

We definitely made some progress toward defeating the current patent legislation in the trip to Washington DC this past week. There is no question that we are making an impact.

Prior to the trip, we were alerted by an insider to a lunch meeting where lobbyists pushing the legislation were promoting the following: “The patent reform debate has been painted as one of inventors vs. patent troll victims. Yet these two don't have to be enemies. We can protect intellectual property, and still stomp out patent trolls.” This is interesting because a few short weeks ago, there was hardly a mention of any slightest issue involving inventors. Now, they are having to talk about it.

Of course, Paul Morinville and I couldn’t be kept away from the meeting. There were about 85 individuals there. It was hard to sit through the propaganda. One of the panelists actually said that Eli Whitney was a patent troll! The propaganda has gone so far as to refer to an inventor of an extremely valuable technology who uses his Constitutionally given right to protect his intellectual property as a “patent troll.”

At the end, they allowed the audience to ask questions. They knew who Paul was, and avoided calling on him. They didn’t know who I was, and I got in a good statement about what the proposals will do to inventors. Before I was finished speaking, I noticed a number individuals very interested in what I was saying. At the end of the meeting, Paul stood up with a stack of our larger document that covers the whole issue, and said “for anyone who wants a dissenting viewpoint, see me.” He was mobbed. He gave out a stack of documents and took cards to email out more.

We are making a difference. But the danger is far from over. Our opponents have pushed so much propaganda on our politicians, and the whole country, that it is very hard to overcome the viewpoint that there is something bad happening that requires legislation.

I have found some good research papers that help our cause, and attached is a new document I have written that you can use.

It is very important that we all do what we can to let our Senators know that the proposed legislation will hurt inventors and America.


Randy Landreneau