2011 Meetings


January 11, 2011 Minutes

February 8 - Cancelled - Weather

March 8, 2011 Minutes

April 12, 2011 Minutes

May 10 - Group Discussion

June 14, 2011 Minutes

This month we presented Stan Kremen as a speaker.
Stan discussed the techniques of writing claims.
He will also presented information about the pending Patent Reform Act.

July 12 - Group Discussion

August 9- Group Discussion

September Meeting: Tuesday - September 13, 2011

In September we will be given a presentation by: Douglas Hines on “The Trials, Tribulations and Enjoyment of Inventing” I will provide a crash course in (almost) everything you wanted to know about designing, manufacturing and bringing to market a product, but were afraid to ask. I will discuss at a high level our True Companion robot, our healthcare aide robot and our military projects – lessons learned including humorous occurrences.

No audio or video recording is allowed.

For more information about his product go to http://www.truecompanion.com/

October 11, 2011

Jim Burrell on a variety of subject areas including:

Our vice-president will be discussing his recently filed invention:

Reflective LED Light Tube Assembly
(50 page patent application filed under the Green Technology Program)

Inefficient incandescent light bulbs will be banned in 2012

Patent structure

eFiling and the forms required

Prior art referencing

November 8 - Group Discussion

December 13 - Group Discussion